Tanjimul Islam Tanvir

Founder & CEO

Motion Graphic and Visual Effect Artist & App design specialist

Tanjimul Islam Tanvir is the Founder and Cheif Executive Officer of TNR SOFT. As a lead Instractor of TN TECH, he continuously spread his knowledge and motivation in Bangladesh. He is also an successful eseller on Amazon over 3 years.

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Md. Rashidul Islam

Element Designer

Element Design Expert

Md. Rashidul Islam is a passionate & creative element design expert over several years, experienced in every kinds of elements design. He provides all kinds of elements for motion graphics.

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Md. Atik

Support Engineer

Mikrotik Expert & Web Developer

Md. Atik is a skilled Mikrotik expert and web developer. He has been involved with Mikrotik and web development for over 4 years.

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